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A powerful browser for Android Tablets


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UC Browser HD is an alternative to many of the browsers you can find on Android. It offers a simple interface but has all of the necessary features in order to enjoy a satisfactory browsing experience from your Android device.

Among the most significant browser features are: the gesture control to move around and use different app functions by making gestures on the screen, the ability to change from one tab to another quickly, and the feature that allows you to search for anything by using voice commands.

In addition, UC Browser HD offers a night mode that allows you to surf the Internet without any light, but without hurting your eyes in the process, something typical when you want to search for something at night and you're already in bed. The special Facebook add-on also allows you to quickly and easily get around the popular social network.

Another interesting browsing mode from UC Browser HD is the incognito mode. Thanks to this browsing method, which is similar to Chrome's incognito window, you can browse without leaving a trace of your actions on the Internet.

UC Browser HD is a powerful and fast browser that you can use to comfortably surf the web from your Android device.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher